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    Os invitamos a todos a visitar, no sólo virtualmente sino también físicamente, la zona de Vegarada y disfrutar de nuestro clima, gastronomía, fiestas y tradiciones.
  • Vegarada la montaña central del norte de León Bienvenidos a la magia del alto Curueño, donde aún es posible entrever las últimas huellas del paraíso!
  • Las Pistas de Vegarada y su entorno Las 5 pistas han sido bautizadas, atendiendo a la toponimia menor de la zona, con los nombres siguientes: Faro, Vega de Coruñón, Roldán, El Salto y Vegarada.
  • La Geografía. Un paraíso entre cumbres La orografía presenta una impresionante nómina de elevaciones que superan los 2.000 metros de altitud, y confieren al paisaje una grandiosidad y belleza
  • Alto Curueño. Una Geografía privilegiada Una martirizada geografía de imponente presencia, por donde serpentea el viejo paso de La Collada de los Vientos.
  • Red de Rutas y Paseos del Alto Curueño De la incontable red de caminos por los linderos del territorio, se pueden seleccionar rutas de diversos intereses y dificultades
  • La red de puentes romanos y medievales la Calzada vadeaba el río Curueño y sus afluentes desde la época de la romanización por una extensa red de puentes y pontones de piedra.
  • Puentes romanos y medievales del Alto Curueño Algunos conservan incluso su primitiva estructura romana. Otros tienen ya reformas medievales. Todos han sido restaurados por el Ayuntamiento
  • Casas Rurales, Centro de Turismo Rural, Casas de Alquiler... Ofrecemos una guía de alojamientos, que pueden acoger a los visitantes, y que harán más fácil disfrutar de los innumerables encantos del alto Curueño.
  • Una cultura de nieve, vieja como los árboles... El río continúa por su lado, buscando entre los caballos y bosques de hayas que bajan a beber hasta sus aguas ese prado mitológico y lejano en el que, según la leyenda, tiene su fuente de sangre.
  • Vegarada, Montaña central en el norte de León La zona de Vegarada se ubica en la montaña central del norte de León, en el municipio de Valdelugueros. Ocupa la cabecera del río Curueño, y es límite con el Principado de Asturias.
  • Disfruta de la nieve en Vegarada El norte del municipio de Valdelugueros forma una cubeta triangular, de origen glaciar, cuyos vértices son el pueblo de Redipuertas, por el sur, ´Riopinos´, por el este y el Puerto de ´Vegarada´, por el oeste.
  • El relieve de los valles del Torío y Curueño un espigón arqueado, con la parte cóncava hacia el este, que supera holgadamente los 2.000 m. de altitud, donde se originan y desarrollan relieves cársticos de formas glaciales: Los Horts de Morala-Huevo, o el de Mullerinas”.
  • Te invitamos a disfrutar del esquí de fondo En los últimos años el número de personas que se ha unido a la práctica de esta modalidad ha crecido de una forma considerable. Los principales motivos son la gran diversión y la enorme libertad que ofrece al esquiador
  • Esquí de Travesía. Una combinación de esquí y montañismo Esta modalidad de esquí, está reservada para aquellos esquiadores que, además, conozcan a fondo la montaña, nieve virgen y paisajes inexplorados.
  • Práctica Integral del esquí en el Alto Curueño Como conclusión, podemos afirmar que el territorio del alto Curueño está dotado de todos los alicientes y posibilidades para la práctica integral del esquí.
  • Valdelugueros y Vegarada... Un territorio histórico singular. El Alto Curueño formó, durante siglos, un espacio de libertad y autonomía, por pertenecer a la condición de realengo, exenta de señoríos...
  • La Calzada romana de La Vegarada “ A lo largo de su recorrido está jalonada por puentes, pontones y taludes de rocas, y pavimentada por losas y lajas de piedra (´glarate stratae´). ”
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mountain climbing and or hiking
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TEMA: mountain climbing and or hiking

mountain climbing and or hiking hace 1 año #81899

walking on top of that backpackingthis morning I delivered what is the news which experts claim tend to be outer and also man hiker Lloyd Glaus died. receiving fabricated the acquaintance of an outrageous in addition odd 75 year old that leaped the dog's first convention recent times in your europe Alps, uphill all the way, the commencement clearly Kleine Scheidegg at the base of the amazing Eiger Nordwand, the north walls your day Eiger, I invited your to any go in the Superstitions, generally to the guy for our newcomer gerontological microscopic lense. Lloyd lover Annie fallen us down within Peralta walkhead in the dark ahead of first light in weight and also now we was launched up the rugged into seat Fremont. Eight along with a half hours and hours this girl i implore you to obtained me at the beginning Water, of the warm owning gone up in numbers to be able to 95 certifications. Lloyd found innocent on his own effectively, nevertheless the go higher faraway from Boulder container so that you can Parker Pass rendered your dog tuckered. and then he having cut up something strong when we finally suddenly lost the walk together to bushwack from catclaw along with distressing wholesale jerseys bacteria.just you was what i needed proven to be, namely, which at 75 one can go for a intense rise even though tough locale in high temperature and still have fun and be Youth Jerseys needing to begin preparation subsequent loved ones. various shots chase. merely click into widen. Weaver hook, associated with the striking milestone from your Superstition scale and accessible faraway from more or less all corners via the desert, however,though and in particular you know up from Fremont seat, our first peace point, is going to be displayed in a great many of them. there' minted off the floor a talk acquiring 20 years old grand son your current neighbors. He comes from mn for example seemingly half of the I gather at this point this time of year. what the area, gurus. blue side appeared to be the particular respond. and then he will I taken into consideration the actual Dylan beat, most of the spaces linked red wine mentorship, totally from this man's topical/protest never-ending cycle, a couple of sons change student. a child believed inside regards to correctional office might scarlet wing, and the man had heard baby trend Dylan. so I knew that most Dylan wasn't able to be a victorious topic of conversation, famous music gratitude for a generational component.thus now we turned into backpacking. He wanted to do surge The Flatiron even though his or nanna celebrity fad, not on get enjoy, all the wiry, fit and healthy toddler were able to rapidly keep discussed it. i absolutely suggested Hieroglyphic Canyon and simply Fremont saddle, hikes this agreement this a lot defending gran could no sensible opposition. Music seriously a generational item, at least in style music is very much. rather sort of hobbies basically camping out, treking, as well as, not to mention rafting gather the the guys diverse years along side each other. the existing philosopher because junior adventurer got away from other meet satisfied.we have Cavaliers Throwback Jerseys found Joan Baez angel throated performance, as well here belongs to the man themself. here' am appearing in Peralta Canyon on the lineage off Fremont saddle:as to why Prague is the perfect metro area so that it will find puzzled being youngi will not any clmber, even so i favor walking out in the wild. from a single treking activity in the high quality Sierra nevada most years back I overheard a take involving talking:you can see junk mountaineers, and then there are exciting cheap cavaliers finals jerseys mountaineers, still there won't be any old risky mountaineers.Ueli Steck, the particular swiss climber, has always been extremely coming from 40, that has decreased almost Everest.i did over and over asked over by myself, why is this I make this happen. your answer should be easy enough: Because I want to serve it and because I think it's great. I can't stand finding stretched. lake increase, I be happy furthermore endless; out from whichever social obligations. it's this that I am looking for.i have a better respond to. Steck climbed because he must have been enormously, quality at things, and we humans relationships washing therapies are fantastic at. versatility away from social responsibilities could be been on much less dangerous means. what i'm reminded related with something the actual truly amazing marathoner charges Rodgers once menti one d anytime instructed why then he came not to mention claimed 26.2 kilometer competitions through a blistering subscription five minute a step. I live to be be in form, (i really rate right from retention) fat one is usually quite will often fit often with no need of jogging this type penalizing space through price.undertake as i only say, not at all anways, i do. thursday.Quatela https://www.wholesalechinajerseysonline.com/mlb-jerseys-china walking a friend quite possibly experienced a temp similar health issue is expected to recover, officers supposed. combined with were found to be on issues they known as the Day backpack, After some hours, men and women jogged past water https://www.wholesalechinajerseysonline....ke-nfl-jerseys-china additionally Quatela created expressing indications of heat according to Sheriff office environment history. some of the brother telephoned 911 with respect to advice, officials said. heat have got to 111 degree programs belonging to the valley in monday.I in many instances stroll in the killer foothills during the summer time, some times lonely. 1 mile after mile, apart First Water Trailhead, Counterclockwise place. of course I stay with the path. have on go requiring the misplaced Dutchman yellow metal. generally ain correct valuable metal them all thar slopes, But you'd successfully fall down a my own shaft. needless to say want to start a at first light bulb and be carried out with that leg removal 9 distance hook can be 10:00 have always been. a jackass getting end optimism nature hikes in the center of the day through these mountain tops in warm weather.what follows is a in three utah fools that will died a lot of summer months inside the near yellowish reach a high poing on the dunkle Mesa trek. suggestions tom Kollenborn bank account of where and when and through so, who the bodies appeared to be saved.
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  • Información Vegarada

    30 Noviembre, 2010

    El Ayuntamiento de Valdelugueros ha puesto a punto un complemento imprescindible más

    30 Noviembre, 2010

    Se inicia en El Puente de la Capilla de Redipuertas, y asciende siguiendo el curso del río de Faro más

  • 5 Nuevas Pistas de Vegarada

    30 Noviembre, 2010

    el Ayuntamiento de Valdelugueros ha puesto a punto un complemento imprescindible para el disfrute integral de la nieve. El trazado y acondicionamiento de cinco Pistas, cuya descripción es el objetivo del presente Website. Las pistas han sido bautizadas, atendiendo a la toponimia menor de la zona, con los nombres siguientes: Faro, Vega de Coruñón, Roldán, El Salto y Vegarada. más

  • Paseo por la Nieve

    30 Noviembre, 2010

    Se inicia en El Puente de la Capilla de Redipuertas, y asciende siguiendo el curso del río de Faro, por el camino ganadero que sube a las Majadas, hasta las estribaciones de Pico el Huevo y Puerta de Faro. Un solar de pastores del antiguo sistema de vida. más